Terms of business for services effective November 2020


​1. General


  • All clients will be deemed to have accepted Fetch Pets London's terms and conditions (as detailed below) on signature of the contract.

  • Fetch Pets London will only confirm a booking after a consultation has been carried out with the client either in person, or via online call (Zoom/Skype) and the new client form, with full details of client requirements, has been negotiated and signed.


  • Fetch Pets London will only confirm a booking and secure a client’s preferred dates when the 50% deposit has been paid.  


  • The appointment of Fetch Pets London as house and/or pet sitters is as self-employed, independent contractors, not as employees.


  • All services are charged at day rates regardless of the start, or end time of the booking. The minimum booking accepted is two days.

2. Caring for a Client’s Home


  • If at the time of consultation Fetch Pets London sitters do not consider your property to be of a reasonable standard of cleanliness, or that the facilities available to them are inadequate, they are within their right to decline the booking.


  • The client shall ensure their home is tidy and clean before Fetch Pets London arrives to commence a booking.


  • The client shall provide adequate cleaning supplies to clean any messes made by pets. Fetch Pets London will make a concerted effort to clean messes to the best of their ability with the supplies provided but cannot be held liable or responsible for any stains, marks or damage caused by vomit or fouling or attempts to clean it.


  • Fetch Pets London will ensure they leave a client’s residence to the cleanliness standard that they found it. Please kindly note Fetch Pets London are not cleaners and will not undertake any extra cleaning responsibilities.


  • The client shall advise Fetch Pets London of anyone who will have access to their property during any periods of the client’s absence, including but not limited to cleaning services, gardeners, maintenance personnel, friends, family and neighbours.


  • The client shall provide a full list of emergency contacts in the unlikely event of an emergency situation arising in relation to their home; including details for their plumber, electrician, and estate agent (if applicable).


3. Caring for Animals


  • Fetch Pets London will make every effort to ensure the safety, wellbeing and happiness of all animals in their care.


  • Clients must ensure all animals have suitable collars, where appropriate, with an identification tag with current contact details.


  • Clients shall ensure there is sufficient food, cat litter, poop bags, hay, puppy pads, treats etc for their pet(s) for the duration of the booking. In the unlikely event that items are purchased, with the prior approval of the client, the costs will be included in the bill at the end of the booking. All receipts will be kept as proof of purchase.


  • Clients must disclose if any of their animals have pre-existing medical conditions, are currently ill or have been ill recently, and of any allergies/food intolerances.


  • All animals, where appropriate, must be fully vaccinated (including Bordetella - kennel cough) and must be on regular flea and worm control treatment.


  • The client must provide Fetch Pets London with a name and contact telephone number of a person capable of making a decision relating to their animal/s in an emergency if the client cannot be contacted. A nominated vets’ details will also be recorded, and they will be contacted if we are unable to communicate with the owner or their representative. With the nominated veterinary surgeon’s advice Fetch Pets London reserves the right to make a decision which is in the best interests of the animal/s if the situation is deemed an emergency.


  • The client is responsible for any veterinary bills, regardless of how they are incurred, while pets are in the care of Fetch Pets London. All additional expenses such as vet fees, medication and transport to the vet (over 5 miles or 45 minutes’ drive from the client’s home) will be added to the final invoice.

  • The client gives consent for Fetch Pets London house sitters to administer, where appropriate, lifesaving resuscitation (CPR) if their animal suffers from cardiac arrest, respiratory arrest, collapse or unconsciousness.


  • Fetch Pets London will follow instructions to administer medications as directed by the client but cannot be held responsible for complications that arise as a result.


  • The client gives consent for Fetch Pets London to photograph and video their pet throughout the duration of a booking to feature on our social channels, website and blog. No immediately distinguishing features will be included in images or video, of a client’s residence so as to protect a client’s privacy. Credit will be given if the client wishes. 


4. Caring for Dogs


  • Fetch Pets London must be informed if your dog does or has ever used a muzzle for whatever reason, and this should be made available for use at our discretion.


  • Clients must disclose any behavioural or medical conditions that may impact how their dog interacts with other animals and people. This would include antisocial behaviour, fear, aggression, previous incidents, possessive behaviour, or lack of training.


  • Clients must disclose if their dog has recently contracted any infectious conditions (e.g. kennel cough, conjunctivitis, infectious skin diseases, fleas, intestinal worms etc).


  • Clients must disclose if their dog is on heat, is expected shortly to be on heat, or has recently been on heat.  


  • The client accepts that during the course of normal dog play while socialising with other dogs, their dog main sustain injuries. All dog play is carefully monitored to avoid injury, but scratches, punctures, torn ligaments, or other injuries may occur despite the very best supervision. 

  • Fetch Pets London endeavour to ensure the safety of all dogs while in their care. Off leash walking carries a risk which is why as a practice all dogs will be walked on the lead unless the client gives permission to walk off leash by signing a disclaimer.


  • Unless otherwise requested, walks will consist of a maximum 1 hour and 30 minutes spread over the course of the day and tailored to your dog's needs and exercise requirements. Extra walk time will be charged at £15.00 per hour.


  • In extreme weather (e.g. very hot weather or heavy snow) walks may be shorter to ensure the comfort of your dogs. This will be at the house sitter’s discretion, and where possible we will always try to make up lost time on future walks.


  • Towels and animal-specific cleaning products should be provided to clean dogs and their leads/harnesses following walks in adverse weather.


5. Caring for Cats and Small Animals


  • Fetch Pets London does not accept any responsibility or liability for any client’s animal/s that escape or become lost or injured, fatal or otherwise, when instructed to leave the client’s animal/s in a fenced or caged outdoor area, or in a residence that contains an unlocked cat flap.


  • Fetch Pets London will not be liable for injury, disappearance, death or fines of any pet with unsupervised access to the outdoors.


6. Insurance

All sitters at Fetch Pets London are insured for the safe care of your animal(s) and home. Fetch Pets London has comprehensive insurance covering public liability, vet fees and loss or straying, however we advise all clients to have their pets insured and reserve the right to refuse a booking for any animal who is not insured. Our insurance covers us for:


  • Public Liability which will cover injury and damage to third parties and their properties.

  • Vets fees in respect to injury to animals in our custody and control. This does not cover pre-existing conditions or care that would have occurred whether or not the animal is under the care of Fetch Pets London.

  • Cover for the loss or straying of animals in our custody and control. 

  • Cover for the loss or theft of client's keys. 

  • Please note, Fetch Pets London cannot be held liable for any loss, illness, injury or death of any pet or animal whilst in their care unless they can be shown to be negligent.


Please note the below responsibilities of the client in regard to insurance:

  • It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that their property, its contents and pets are adequately insured throughout the duration of the booking.  


  • It is the client’s responsibility to notify their relevant insurance company that Fetch Pets London sitters will be staying at the property for the duration of the booking.


  • Fetch Pets London accepts no responsibility for the security of the property if other individuals have access before, during (without prior acknowledgement and authorisation), or immediately after the agreed booking.


  • The client shall accept full liability and responsibility for any damage or injury occurring or arising from the behaviour or characteristics of their pet/s or animals, to the client’s property, third party property, other animals, Fetch Pet London sitters or other persons. This will include, but is not limited to, veterinary, medical or legal fees etc.


7. Extra Charges


All clients will be deemed to have accepted Fetch Pets London's extra charges (as detailed below) on signature of the contract:


  • £10.00 - Collection/drop off of keys before/after a confirmed booking if outside of London zone 2.


  • £10.00 – Extra fee for house or pet sitting beginning before 1000am on the first day or ending after 1600 on the last day.


  • £10.00 – Fee for transporting an animal in our car to the vet if it is more than 5 miles or 45 minutes away from the client’s home.


  • £5.00 – Per day extra for more than three dogs in one household.


  • £5.00 – Per day extra for more than five cats in one household.


  • £5.00 – Per day extra to care for poultry equating to five or more ducks/chickens/geese. Please enquire about sheep/goats/pigs/cows/llamas etc.


  • £15.00 – Per extra 1 hour dog walk (after initial daily 1 hour and 30 min walk time included in day rate)


  • £5.00 – To bath extra-large dog breeds, or more than three dogs at the end of a stay.  


Please note the following dates are charged at double rate: 1st January, Easter dates, 24th-26th December, 31st December & UK Bank holidays.


8. Cancellation of Services

Cancellation periods vary depending on the time period before a confirmed booking. Please see below charges for all booked and confirmed services:

  • Cancelled > 72 hours before booking results in 100% charge for full services

  • Cancelled 72 hours – 7 days before booking results in forfeiture of full deposit amount

  • Cancelled 8 days or more before booked services results in no charge  

We appreciate that unexpected situations do arise, and we would prefer not to penalise but to rearrange your booked service for another date in the future. 


Please note if a client returns home earlier than expected with no prior warning, no refund or credit is given.

9. ​Payment

To confirm your booking and reserve your dates we ask you to pay a 50% deposit of the total stay. This amount is deducted from the final invoice. You will be invoiced on the last day of the booking and full payment must be paid within 3 days of receipt of invoice. If payment is not made within this time 2.5% of the bill will be added for every day the invoice is overdue. You can pay use the following methods: cash or online bank transfer.

10. Keys

Any keys retained by Fetch Pets London for the duration of the house sit, or for future house sits will be kept securely and will only be marked with the name of your dog and an internal office code. 


11. GDPR


At Fetch Pets London we value you as a customer and are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. Any information we collect we will only ever use in accordance with the guidelines set out by the GDPR. Information collected will be used to process your orders, manage your account, and inform you of other products and services you may find interesting if you have chosen to receive these types of communications. We will never share your information with any third party. You may request access to and correction of, amendment to, or deletion of any information provided to us at any time by contacting us at hello@fetchpetslondon.com


12. Our promise to You and Your Pets


We will look after your pet/s and home as if they are our own, ensuring the safety, wellbeing and happiness of your animals, and the security and upkeep of your residence at all times. We will establish a great working relationship with you, our client, and endeavour to be as flexible as possible in offering our services. We will gladly accept your constructive feedback and will always strive to improve our service.