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Who We Are

Hi, Em here! 👋🏻 From far North Queensland Australia, I grew up around lots of different animals - beloved pets and native Aussie wildlife! We had guineapigs, cats, snakes, dogs and for a while a rescue joey.

One of my first jobs was a receptionist at QLD Parks & Wildlife. I processed exotic wildlife licences, took some pretty weird and sometimes hysterical calls about wildlife sightings, regularly stepped over bags of snakes at the office, and sometimes went out with the rangers to relocate a rogue crocodile 🐊

After leaving Australia I worked as cabin crew for Emirates based in Dubai. I travelled the world and had some incredible experiences before relocating to London to start a career in fashion. Working corporate jobs alongside interning and studying I missed being outdoors and around animals.

Matty and I decided to make a positive change together by starting Fetch! ✨Even though 2020 was difficult we’re grateful for all the lovely doggos we’ve walked and cared for, and all the great people we’ve met along the way. Here’s to 2021!

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