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Who We Are

Hey, I’m Matt! As we’ve recently hit 1000 followers I wanted to introduce myself to all of our new friends. Before co-creating Fetch with Em, I was previously a copywriter, and more recently in corporate client services. I was more than happy to exchange a suit and office for muddy trousers with dog treats in every pocket, and my new “office” - the outdoors surrounded by nature.

Growing up, I did have some slightly unconventional family pets; including birds of prey (a buzzard called Buzz), snakes (one called Jake), rabbits and doggos. Ruby, a seven year old black lab, is our current family pet, and she’s awesome - obviously 😊

Em and I were super proud when Fetch celebrated its first birthday in September, and we’re genuinely looking forward to whatever 2021 brings for us. Hello again to our new followers, and thanks so much to all our existing loyal friends. Next up is Em, watch this space...

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