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The Benefits of Ongoing Training

It is a common misconception that puppy classes are all that’s required for a well-adjusted adult dog. Additionally, the word 'training' can often be misinterpreted as a remedy purely for 'bad' or difficult behaviour.

We've all met a dog that has a naturally great disposition and seemingly perfect behaviour, this isn't down to luck; the owner has spent huge amounts of time, patience and effort nurturing their pup! Training is a lifelong commitment and there are clear and obvious benefits for doggos of all ages.


Regular training will teach you and your doggo how to effectively communicate and work well together, reinforcing your positive bond. Also, make it fun! This process should be enjoyable for everyone.


Your pup's safety and wellbeing is your number one priority. Training your doggo to listen and obey commands can help prevent potentially unsafe situations such as running onto a busy road.

Brain Workout

Dogs genuinely love to learn! Fact. Learning new tricks and commands is positive mental stimulation; alleviating boredom, boosting confidence, and ultimately increase happiness.


It's super important that your doggo feels comfortable and safe while visiting the vet or groomers. Successful desensitisation training ensures necessary grooming such a nail clipping won't be a distressing and fearful experience for your furry friend.


Slowly socialising your puppy from a young age with other doggos and people teaches them to react to the world in a positive and healthy way. It is the requisite foundation for a confident well-adjusted dog, and should be continued throughout their adult life.

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