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Fetch's pet of the month - November

Each month we'll feature one of our precious furry friends (never an easy choice as you can imagine) deserving of recognition and praise - and for being super cute!

This month, please give a big hand to the distinguished Wilson (AKA Willy/Wils), an adorable Chihuahua-Dachshund mix who lives in N16 with his owners, Steph and Adam.

We like to think of Wils as a Fetch ambassador. He's been with us since the very beginning (although we've known him for much longer) so he means a great deal to us.

As you'd expect, Wils gets A LOT of attention when he's out and about, and being bit of a ladies man (doggos and humans) his nonchalant swagger and cool personality means he'll have you in his paw in no time.

Wils is a key member of the Fetch Team, and we hope that our walks and fun times together continue! Ladies, watch out, you've been warned..

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